High Pressure Tanning

ULTRABRONZ High Pressure Tanning Beds

  • 24 minute session (12 minutes on each side)
  • Tan only 2-3 times a month
  • No Burning
  • Tan while laying on a mattress


  • high pressure

  • tanning


    Sounds too good to be true?

    One 24 minute treatment in the ULTRABRONZ high-pressure sunbed is equivalent to twelve treatments in a conventional low-pressure bed.

    A course of three treatments will give you a deep, natural tan.  To maintain this tan, only one to two treatments per month is necessary.

    We suggest you visit three to four times in a ten day period to establish a base tan.  After that, most people need only visit once or twice a month to maintain color year round.

    What's more, our bed is built to give you a lot more space, so you won't feel claustrophobic when you climb in.  And since the lamps are all positioned the upper panel, you can lie comfortably on a mattress and forget about racing stripes and untanned spots because of pressure points.

    How it works...

    Every living thing sheds (exfoliates) its outer layer, and we normally exfoliate our outer layer of skin about every 28 days.  Tanning with UVB light accelerates this cycle to somewhere between five and ten days.  Since UVB light tans the outer layer of skin which exfoliates every five to ten days, we fade if we let more that just a few days go by between tanning sessions.  Also, in response to UVB, our outer layer of skin thickens as a natural barrier to further UV exposure.  It is this thickening that contributes to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Because ULTRABRONZ high-pressure beds tan only with UVA light, our body is allowed to return to its normal 28 day cycle.  High-pressure tanning also tans the second and third layers of skin, so even when your outer layer naturally exfoliates, the layers beneath are still tan.

    Finally, UVA light does not cause the outer layers of skin to thicken, so tanning on the ULTRABRONZ sunbed minimizes skin damage and premature aging.  High-pressure tanning truly is th safest way to tan.  UVB rays are responsible for burning and are thought to be the primary cause of skin cancer.  ULTRABRONZ sunbeds have 0% UVB rays.  Compare this to 17.5% UVB from the sun and 6-10% from conventional low-pressure beds.

    Characteristics of Ultraviolet Light:

    The sun's light contains three types of rays, UVA, UVB, and UVC.  Of these three rays, only UVA, and UVB pass through the earth's atmospheric filter.  More UVA hits the earth than UVB because the filter prevents the passage of shorter wavelengths of UVB that resemble UVC, the most dangerous of the three mentioned.

    As a long ray, UVA is less wavy than UVB, which means UVA can penetrate the skin to deeper layers without causing significant damage to the top skin layers.  Therefore, it can tan the  skin with less risk of harming it.  UVB on the other hand cannot get past the skin's top layers.  It bombards them with energy causing sunburns and long-term irreversible skin damage.  That's why UVA is often called the "GENTLE TANNING RAY" and UVB is called the "BURNING RAY".

    Should you use lotions?

    The use of indoor tanning lotions is highly recommended.  Our lotions will increase you results by up to 42%.  They are designed exclusively for high pressure tanning, and will allow you the best tan available.  We have one to suit your skin type.  Believe us, your skin will thank you, and you will see better results!  Please don't forget to use lotion, and to keep your skin moisturized between visits.

    A few tanning tips...

    Medications:  Some prescription drugs, like antibiotics, contraceptives and others, can make you sensitive to ultra-violet light.  Please consult with your physician if you have questions.

    Goggles:  They are a must.  Your eyelids are the thinnest membranes on your body and need protection.  Our goggles are FDA compliant and shield 99.9% of ultraviolet light.

    Tanning in the buff:  Please be careful with areas not accustomed to sunlight.  During the first few sessions, these areas should be covered for half of the session time.  (Remember, this for your comfort, not because you will burn!)

    Lips:  Lips have no melanin and will no tan.  They can dry out though, so keep them moist with a good lip balm.

    Take a break...

    We want your visit here to be relaxing and luxurious.  We provide plush towels and fresh spring water and CD players to help you get away from it all.  If there is anything we've forgotten, please let us know.  We wish to provide the best services available, and intend to be responsive to your needs